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LQS is hiring!


280 hrs. total over 16 weeks (start date: mid-July)

$15.50 per hour

  • Work with the production team to create micro-content for social media platforms

  • Oversee regularly scheduled social media postings

  • Create infographics, posters and other promotional and marketing content to showcase the achievements of Let the Quran Speak, including annual report and sponsorship package

  • Update and/or redesign website and logo

  • Create animated graphics and titles for use on-set and in post-productions

  • Design thumbnails consistent with the theme/branding of YouTube channel

  • Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize content

  • Promote content online, monitor engagement and measure web traffic to content (e.g. conversion and bounce rates)


280 hrs. total over 16 weeks (start date: mid-July)

$15.00 per hour

  • Work with producer and production team to plan and execute the technical aspects of producing Let the Quran Speak, including lighting and sound, camera movements and filming sequences

  • Participate in all aspects of day to day production, including setup and teardown; camera work; maintenance, cleaning and organization of equipment; hospitality services for on-air guests and talent; and support for other crew members

  • Initiate, plan and record original video content relating to Islam and Muslims in Canada for social media platforms

  • Monitor news, current events and stories related to Canadian Muslims and brainstorm with the team potential interview segments, mini-documentaries and guest appearances.


280 hrs. total over 16 weeks (start date: mid-July)

$16.00 per hour

  • Storyboard and write content for various types of videos (explainers, promos and interview-style videos)

  • Research and develop interesting, creative and current story ideas based on solid grasp of Canadian and international current events relating to Islam and Muslims

  • Propose potential guests or contributors and collaborate with them in the development of content that aligns with the goals of Let the Quran Speak

  • Oversee the writing of diverse organizational development and marketing material, including letters, annual reports, press releases, blog posts, grant applications and sponsorship proposals

  • Work closely with production team and graphic designer/ content creator to ensure strong integration of copy and concept


Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident between the ages of 15-30

Submit cover letter and resume to

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