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Sponsorship& Partnership Options

Let the Quran Speak is pleased to offer an exciting new opportunity for you, your family, company, or  organization to reach new audiences. Our television broadcast and YouTube postings attract a diverse viewership across Canada. You can also leverage and maximize your presence in downtown Toronto, a niche that is often untapped in the Muslim community. You can strengthen and build partnerships with local and international guests. And of course, you can support a Canadian-made Muslim initiative that’s soaring to new heights with its vision of enriching public conversations about Islam and Muslims in Canada.

Consider sponsoring an episode or a documentary. Each week, a new episode is produced and broadcast on our 4 television channels and posted online on YouTube and Facebook. Each episode typically consists of an interview with our resident scholar Dr. Shabir Ally, an interview with a guest, a mini-video or video essay, and a question and answer segment. Four documentaries are produced each year. Documentaries typically involve multiple days of recording and editing. Each documentary is broadcast on TV and posted online on  YouTube and Facebook.

You can pay for commercial ad space. Six minutes of commercial ad time are available per episode. These commercials are broadcast on TV exclusively and are not available on our online broadcast.

You can also offer gifts in kind, including:

a) wardrobe for the host and/or resident scholar;


c) set design;

d) props and furniture; and/or

e) catering for the production team and talent.

Depending on the package chosen, you can receive the following benefits:
 Ad space on our television broadcast
 Your name and logo in the opening credits and end credits of an episode on the television broadcast
 Your name and logo at the beginning or end of a YouTube post
 Recognition on social media, including our website, Instagram and Facebook
 Tickets to our gala dinner
 Recognition at our gala dinner



To discuss the sponsorship option best suited to you, your family, organization or company, please contact us:

Safiyyah Ally
Executive Producer
C 613-869-2667

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