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I am a convert and learn Islam basically by myself. Thank you very much for your wonderful YouTube channel LQS. It really helps me to understand Islam and became a better Muslim. Lots of love from Switzerland to the entire LQS Team!

Hana M

Even though I'm agnostic, I like listening to Dr. Shabir Ally because he's fair. Other scholars are far too narrow minded and stuck on outdated opinions.

Alex O

I am from France. I would like to tremendously thank you for your great channel, hosts and deep knowledge and understanding of Islam. I am a Muslim and before I discovered your channel, I was close to leaving the faith. Alhamdulillah I am a convinced Muslim now after 1.5 years of doubt. Thanks again because your channel helped me with that.

Fayyaz H

I haven’t always believed in the God thing before, but Shabir Ally and this show gave very convincing arguments that the Quran has to be from the one and only God, as a grand sign and miracle of all mankind. Thank you for saving me.

Jacob B

It's so good to hear a voice of reason and rationality on YouTube. This channel is a solid resource for thoughtful and nuanced discussion, and a blessing to so many.

Kelly QB

Am a Christian but I love the program. Mainly because of Safiyyah and how much she understands the Quran. I also love how far she is willing to go with her questions in aim of enlightening the general public. Not too many so called Muslims know their book, let alone publicly ask the kind of questions she does. May the spirit of the Lord God strengthen and guide her path.


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