It’s 2019, and Muslims remain targets of suspicion and hostility in public discourse. This is the fault of people from within and without. From within, extremists have made Islam seem ugly and inhumane. From without, a billion-dollar Islamophobia industry is working hard to bring down Islam and Muslims. And it is working. Islamophobia is normalized in the current political climate.


Public officials speak and act in ways that demean Muslims. The news media and entertainment industry ascribe negative stereotypes to Muslims. Anti-terrorism initiatives pinpoint Muslims as objects of suspicion, even when white nationalism remains the larger threat. In the public imagination, Muslims are ignorant, backward, violent and needy. 


Let the Quran Speak subverts those misconceptions and reveals the truth about Islam and Muslims.


Using a variety of formats, including video essays, interviews, and documentaries, LQS showcases the rich colour and texture of Muslims' lives in Canada; explains Quranic beliefs and practices; provides Islamic perspectives on current events and hot button issues; and builds bridges with the wider community and other faith groups.