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For 21 years, Let the Quran Speak has been transforming public conversations about Islam and showcasing the rich diversity of Muslims' lived experiences in Canada.

At Let the Quran Speak, we present a Canadian Muslim community to the wider public that is built on optimism; a commitment to learning; respect for diversity; dedication to fairness and equality; and concern for the most vulnerable and the environment.

Using a variety of formats, including video essays, interviews, and documentaries, LQS:

a) empowers Muslims with the means to understand and abide by Quranic beliefs and practices in the Canadian context;

b) showcases the diversity of Muslims' lived experiences;

c) explores meaningful solutions to real-life issues Muslims experience;

d) dispels harmful stereotypes about Muslims and speaks out against Islamophobia;

e) challenges extremist ideologies; and

f) builds bridges with the wider community and other faith groups.

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