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Gala Dinner on March 7

On Saturday, March 7th, we host our Gala Dinner at Sagan Banquet Hall in Mississauga. Funds raised will be used to expand our operations with improved production quality, more documentary filmmaking, enriched online offerings and nation-wide marketing.

At the dinner, you can be part of our live audience as we film an episode of Let the Quran Speak. There’s been much talk in North America over the last few years about the pervasive misogyny, racism and bullying found in sports culture. We weigh in! Can sports culture be racially and religiously diverse? Basketball player Bilqis Abdul Qaadir and sports commentator Shireen Ahmed join host Safiyyah Ally to discuss the challenges and opportunities of embracing difference in sports.

Hear more about our goals and upcoming projects, meet our talent and crew, and enjoy a scrumptious dinner.

Purchase your tickets here.

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