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Where is God during COVID?

Watch Dr. Shabir Ally discuss this topic on our #youtube channel here.

Some people ask, “Where is God in all of this?” For them, COVID rules out once and for all that God exists. If there was a God, why would he allow something like the #pandemic to occur?

If God wanted to reach in and micromanage everything, then we humans would have no control. But if God wants to give us some control, he has to take a hands-off approach to a large extent. The #virus may have arisen through some random development within the universe that God has created as a combination of fixed and random elements -- random elements within fixed parameters, so they do not spiral out of control entirely.

In the case of #COVID, God equips us with inspiration, guidance, intelligence and the benefit of hindsight from history, and then allows us to develop our own cures, find our own ways and tackle our own future. It's not that #God is absent; it's just that God is giving us a chance to take control of our own affairs.

The #coronavirus and science in general could not have been studied without there being order and the progression of things causing effect in our universe. And who is behind all of the systems of cause and effect? There has to be a master planner that created all of these systems that work with such clockwork precision such that we could actually develop a vaccine. The virus at first seemed mysterious to us, but the fact that we could actually eventually pin it down to the extent that we could develop a #vaccine to immunize people against it means that it has a certain regularity about it – it is subject to the laws of nature.

Watch Dr. Shabir Ally discuss this topic on our #youtube channel here | Explore more blogs here

where is god during covid
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