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Does God Still Do Miracles Today?

When we think of miracles, we think of God doing something spectacular to bring about a favourable result. Certainly, there is a lot that God is doing to bring about favourable results. However, they are not the kinds of spectacular miracles that we read about in our history, whether in the Quran or the New Testament. Some faith healers claim some major miracles, but these are dubious. We should ask what is God truly doing?

For example, is somebody going into remission with cancer? Sometimes the doctors are puzzled. My brother-in-law was in the hospital with COVID and he is a great example of a miracle. The doctors wanted to remove his connections to the machines since they said he was in a vegetative state. Miraculously, on the day of Eid 2021, he woke up and surprised everyone!

When the doctors give up hope and we see a turnaround unexpectedly, we may still want to explain that in scientific terms and say that God has nothing to do with this. However, from the believer's point of view, God has everything to do with it. God is acting not only in what we refer to as miracles and surprising turnarounds, but God is acting for the betterment of human beings in all aspects of life and in every moment.

The Quran says that every day, God is involved in some affair. In the 55th chapter of the Quran, we find the classic commentaries saying that there is a hadith mentioning that God has His record. He looks into the record many times a day. I forget the number, but I once worked it out and realised that the number works out to almost every four seconds. God looks into that record and makes adjustments all the time in response to our prayers, our duas, our supplications, the choices that we make, and our actions. You can think of God as having a master plan with broad parameter or options, and God is confirming some of the paths that we choose and obliterating the others because they are now meaningless. After all, we didn't choose those paths. The Quran says, in 13:39, “God erases or confirms whatever He wills, and the source of Scripture is with Him”. This means that God is establishing certain things and erasing certain things. With Him is the mother book and it looks like that's the master record and the master plan that He's always adjusting for our benefit and in caring for us.

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