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Why does Islam reject the Divinity and blood atonement of Jesus Christ as the Savior of Humanity?

Why does Islam reject the Divinity and blood atonement of Jesus Christ as the Savior of humanity, when a Muslim martyr’s blood saves him from his sins on Judgment Day and can intercede for 70 members of his family?

The Quran states, “No one can intercede except by the permission of God.” The intercession that wherever it might apply in Islamic tradition is understood to be conditional upon this sort of permission from God. It's as if God is going to give permission whether to the martyr or prophet, or Jesus. To intercede on behalf of their followers or those who are close to them. That intercession is not something that is going to change the mind of God. God is paramount.

If somebody has done so much wrong to merit punishment, then it's God to decide whether to punish or to forgive that person. On the other hand, if somebody has followed a decent life that person deserves to go to paradise by God's judgment. It's not somebody who has to plead with God to make that person go this way or that way.

When God wants to honor one of his servants whether it be a prophet, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet Jesus, or somebody who has lost his or her life by virtue of their following the faith. For example, somebody killed him as an innocent person. That individual is called a martyr. Thus, that person will be interceding as a way of honoring that individual.

It's God's way of saying, “Rather than me announcing the forgiveness of an individual or that this individual is going to paradise. I'm giving my servant that chance to make the announcement.”

The intercession is almost like an announcement.

However, there are many different degrees in paradise and hell. While God is being admitted into paradise or going into one of the highest stages of paradise. There's a certain element of mystery that remains there. Nonetheless, one should know that nobody will have that unmitigated right to just simply intercede and to have their intercession automatically accepted. It still depends on God. It's God's mercy that will prevail to get everyone in.

In addition, the hadith shows that when all the interceders have interceded then God will take out more people from hellfire. People who were not interceded by anyone else. In Islamic theology, the capstone is that it is God that will intercede.

Why don't we accept the divinity of Jesus and his blood atonement? The death of the martyr is not about blood atonement. It is that God approves of this martyr's self-sacrifice. God is giving the martyr that honor to intercede on behalf of those who are close to the martyr.

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