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Is Mary Magdalene Mentioned in Islam?

A viewer asks, “Who is Mary Magdalene? Is there any mention of her in Islamic sources?”

Unfortunately, there's no mention of Mary Magdalene in the Islamic source. She is certainly not mentioned in the Quran and any Hadith that mentions her specifically. Though, there's a lot of mention of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the Quran itself and other Islamic sources.

To answer who Mary Magdalene is, she is known from the gospels to be a very prominent disciple of Jesus, on whom be peace. Of course, given the circumstances at the time, it's the male disciples who get the prominence, but she is present in the story.

At many crucial junctures, she is said to be a woman from whom seven spirits had been driven. We are examining exorcism as a way of dealing with persons at the time who might have had mental issues. Nonetheless, she's said to be cured of those mental issues. Mary Magdalene is the person who is credited in the gospel narratives as one of the first persons to find the tomb of Jesus empty after Jesus was said to have been entombed. In John's gospel, it seems that Mary Magdalene is the only one at a certain juncture. Yet, later on, she says, “We”, so there were most likely other women along with her.

Outside of the New Testament, there are what are referred to as apocryphal gospels that make mention of her and there are several gospels that do. One gospel is known as the gospel of Philip. This gospel speaks of her apparently because scholars are trying to reconstruct it from fragments. Some are understanding this as a reference to Mary Magdalene as the disciple that was beloved to Jesus and that he used to kiss her on the mouth. That raises the question of whether Jesus was married at all and whether he might've been married to Mary Magdalene. It is very interesting that she has this kind of prominence, especially in the apocryphal writings, and that she has been dropped into obscurity throughout the ages. Now only to be recovered with the discovery of these apocryphal gospels. Within the apocryphal gospels, Mary Magdalene is regarded as a Saint or at least with great respect in many branches of Christianity. She is treated with respect but she did not get that sort of prominence as a disciple of Jesus, although she was there with the gentlemen in her time.

There isn’t any evidence that Jesus was ever married.

In his book, “The Wife of Jesus”, Anthony Le Donne points out that there was no mention that Jesus was married in the gospels or even in the apocryphal writings. As for possibly being married to Mary Magdalene, this is very remote because even though there's a lot of mention of Mary Magdalene, there is no mention that she was the wife of Jesus. Anthony Le Donne thinks that given the time and circumstance, it's possible that Jesus was married, especially during those years, which are known as the 18 missing years from the time he was 12 years old till the time he was 30 years old. Nobody knows anything about Jesus during that time. It's possible that he got married and perhaps his wife died. Women at the time often succumbed to childbirth. There's no actual evidence that Jesus was married, it seems unlikely that he was married to Mary Magdalene because she's not introduced as the wife of Jesus in the narratives.

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