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Hajj & Hajar

We remember Hagar in the season of Hajj.

Her actions are commemorated by every pilgrim performing Hajj and running between the hills just as she did. Pilgrims drink from the water that sprang up before her eyes and continues to flow today.

Hagar was alone in the desert, worried for her young son Ishmael, without food or water.

Her story reminds us that we must not sit back and wait for God's deliverance.

Trusting in God doesn't mean inaction; we still have to do our part to help ourselves.

Her story also shows us that God can provide for us out of nowhere. The solution might come from where we never expected, and it may be bigger and better than anything we could have imagined or prayed for.

And God can take the simplest of actions and make it recognized as great.

We honour and respect Hagar. May we strive to be as righteous and beloved to God as her.

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