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Feeling Helpless? Turn to God!

How are you feeling today? Anxious? Stressed? Helpless? Afraid?

All of these feelings are understandable and expected.

We are living in strange times. A tiny living thing that we can’t even see is threatening our sense of wellbeing and our way of life.

There’s no guarantee that the steps we are taking are going to be enough to stem the suffering and deaths that are increasing daily.

When we have exhausted all the solutions available to us, when we are feeling at our lowest point, vulnerable and out of control, God can help us see a path forward.

If we know that God that is complete control over all things, that it is God that is sustaining the universe and every being within it, including us, then we know that everything is in the capable hands of God. God has plans that we do not understand or grasp. We can only put our faith and trust in God to get us through this.

This is how the prophets got through difficult times. Think of Jonah, deep within the water, stuck within a sea creature, praying to God for deliverance. Jacob, whose child was missing for many years, wept in sorrow and grief but said, I only complain of my grief and sorrow to God. Consider Job, who was abandoned by his friends as he lost property and children and his own health. At his lowest point, he prayed to God.

If you’ve never prayed before, or if you’ve left off praying for a while, now’s the time to pray. Ask God the controller of all things for help. Ask God for relief from this difficult test. Ask for mercy. God says in the Quran, call upon me, I will respond to you (40:60). God answers our prayers.

Our God is not an absent God. God is here for you. God has not abandoned you. God is active. God is described in the Quran as near and responsive (11:61) God is close to us and is aware of our struggles and difficulties.

And God can do miracles…as God has done in the past and continues to do every day. God made the fire cool for Abraham. God parted the sea so Moses and the believers could pass through. God performs miracles, some of them are bold and some of them are not even noticeable…people who seemed like they were going to die but suddenly recovered against all odds. People who seemed to be lost but somehow found their way forward. God is fully capable of delivering us out of challenging circumstances.

So, believe in God. Seek God through prayer and good works. And trust God to get us through this.

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syed asif
syed asif
Jun 12, 2020

very informative and heart calming article written by safiyyah ally.

Thank you

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