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Here we come, 2020!

Welcome to Let the Quran Speak! We recently reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. We doubled our numbers in a year! Thank you for watching and supporting us!

I hope you’re noticing how much better Let the Quran Speak looks and sounds these days. We’ve focused on higher production quality over the last few months. We’ve also diversified our content, offering more documentaries, vox pop videos and video essays. We have guests every week sharing their expertise on a broad range of topics. And there’s lots more to come!

In 2020, you’ll see us around. We’re going to get out of the studio to showcase the accomplishments of Muslims in their communities. You’ll also notice us using online platforms to interview individuals of influence around the world.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and continue to watch and engage with us as our team works diligently to make Let the Quran Speak bigger and better!

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